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For the 10th anniversary of the publication of GTA Vice City Mod APK, publisher Rockstar Games has released this famous game for Android devices. Whether you are an old gamer or a new player, you may have heard of this game. Let’s take a look at the evolution of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The first version of the Playstation was released in North America on October 29, 2002.

GTA Vice City Mod APK Information

Updated Today
Version 1.09
Requirements Android 7.0 and Up
Category Action
Downloads 1,000,000+
Rating 4.3
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Features of GTA Vice City Game

Back then, the game was truly one of the most modern and beautiful graphics games. I was immediately impressed with this game. I often wonder “why are there such realistic games” that allow players to do anything in the city like in real life.

The game was later available for Xbox and PC in 2003. The game was released on August 28, 2011 on the App Store. There’s not much to say about this game. Anyone who’s played it will want to play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City again.


The game’s plot is American-inspired 1980s in a fictional city like Miami, a time of economic crisis, drugs and crime are rife everywhere. The protagonist of the game is Tommy Vercetti, a mobster who was released from prison after a failed drug deal.

During a deal between him and the Vance brothers at the docks, an unknown third party ambushes Tommy’s bodyguards, but luckily he escapes. Tommy begins his search for traitors and starts a big gang for himself.


Become a Real Villain

This game is a combination of many genres such as shooting, adventure, action, role play. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you often start the game first … stealing cars on the road. Your character will slowly move forward, driving away the car owner and becoming the “legal” owner. The feeling that everything in this city is yours. You can do what you want, get everything you need. However, don’t be stupid to do this in real life!

GamePlay of GTA Vice City

You can explore the open city of this game. Drive the most expensive cars, drive around the city and flirt with beautiful girls along the way. Of course you get bored quickly. What makes Grand Theft Auto: Vice City so appealing to players is its special mission system.

After driving to a nightclub to pick up Cortez’s boss’ daughter Mercedes (who later becomes Tommy’s girlfriend), he officially works for the boss to find the missing drug. Perform tasks like robbery, drug trafficking or even killing people.

The police certainly will not ignore it. They always want to find you and catch you. You can shoot them, but I don’t encourage you to do it. Every time you shoot a cop, you increase the number of stars. The more stars, the more desirable you are. The police will exert great force to overthrow you. If you have five stars, you probably already have the death penalty.

Weapons and vehicles

Assassins must know how to use weapons skillfully. You can buy various weapons with your money. You can use various famous weapons like machine guns, shotguns, pistols… in this game. Good news for you You don’t have to buy a car because you can get a car anywhere. The cars in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City are also very diverse. Just walk on the road and choose your favorite car. You can drive at the speed of light in the city or … follow the traffic rules.

GTA Vice City Mod APK Download


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City graphics are very realistic. If you’ve ever watched movies like Scarface, Carlito’s Way, and Blow, you’re going to feel familiar playing them. Car styles, fashions and music reflect the realities of the time.

GTA Vice City MOD Features

Mod features

  • Unlimited Money: Download the game from slot 2 for unlimited money.
  • Infinite Health: In this Mod you will get unlimited health for unlimited fun.
  • Unlimited Ammo: With unlimited ammo in this mod, you can fight for long term.

GTA Vice City Mod APK Download

If you want to get the GTA Vice City Mod file Downloaded on your android or PC, then follow then must visit these links GTA Vice City Mod for Android and GTA Vice City Mod APK for PC. From our website, you will get a complete guide about installing these on your devices along with the latest Mod files.

FAQs About GTA Vice City Mod APK

How to get GTA Vice City Mod APK Unlimited Everything?

You just need to download and install the latest version of GTA Vice City Mod APK from our website and get everything unlimited & free.

Is this Mod APK Safe to install?

Yes, it is tested and verified by our team and then uploaded to our website. So, use it without any tension.

Is this GTA Vice City Mod APK for Android only?

No, you can download and install this Mod APK file on your PC as well as on an iOS phone by following the instructions.

Is this GTA Vice City Mod APK for PC works well?

Yes, you can download and install this Mod APK on your PC as well but first, you have to install an android emulator for installing games on a PC?

Can we play GTA Vice City Mod APK for iOS?

Yes, you can play this amazing game on iOS/iPhone as well. You just need to follow the instructions for playing this game on iOS and you are good to go.


You could say GTA Vice City Mod APK from Rockstar Games is one of the legendary games out there. Whenever sad you can play this game to experience being a criminal or just to get around the city. If you are not able to install the GTA Vice Mod file on your android or on PC, then you can also download the GTA Vice City APK file and enjoy the game.

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