GTA 5 Mod APK Unlimited Everything (Money, Health & Ammo)

Whether you are new to gaming or a professional gamer, you cannot ignore the GTA 5 Mod APK because today is the era of advanced gaming. If you are an advanced gamer, you will love to play GTA 5 Mod APK Latest Version because it gives you thrill and excitement at a higher level.

It is quite possible that no other mobile game can give you so much pleasure if the GTA V Mod APK is installed on your smartphone. The most important thing about this game is that it has many unique features not available in any other mobile game.

You might have played different mobiles games like GTA Vice City APK, but I am sure that none of them can match this amazing game for its unique features. It has a vast city where many vehicles, helicopters, airplanes, etc., are available for players. You can use these vehicles to move from one location to another.

GTA 5 Mod APK Updated

GTA 5 Mod APK Infromation

Updated 3 Days Ago
Version 2.0
Requirements Android 7.0 and Up
Category Action
Downloads 1,000,000+
Rating 4.4
Google Play Open

Features GTA 5/V Mod APK

Following are some amazing features of GTA 5 Mod APK:

Lots of Money

Yes, this game offers you everything that you want to have in this game and I think it’s really cool because it makes it easy for you to play the game with a lot of money. This is one of the best features of GTA 5 Mod APK which we also see in GTA 4 Mod APK as well. Some people don’t like this feature but I like it because it makes it easy for me to play games with lots of money.

Unlimited Ammo

This is also one of the amazing features of GTA 5 APK. I personally use this feature when I am playing any online multiplayer game or if I am playing against my friends then only I use the unlimited ammo feature otherwise I like a normal ammunition system because it’s more realistic than unlimited ammo because it can kill any person in one shot.

GTA 5 Game

Unlimited Health

This is also one of the amazing features of GTA 5 Mod APK because if you are playing the online multiplayer game then sometimes your opponent uses some cheats to kill you so that unlimited health option becomes really helpful otherwise it’s not helpful because it will make the game boring and stupid.

God Mode

This is also a good feature of GTA 5 Modded APK because sometimes I am playing against some people whose aim is very good and they use a lot of cheats as well as hacks so god mode becomes really helpful at those times but sometimes this feature makes the game boring as well as stupid too.

Wanted Level Free

GTA 5 Mod APK allows you to get a wanted level free and I like this feature because sometimes we don’t want to get the wanted level otherwise it’s not helpful because it will make the game boring and dull.

Infinite Sprint

Yes, this is also one of the amazing features of GTA 5 Mod because you can run for unlimited time and it makes it easy for me to escape from the police. But still, there are some other games that support unlimited sprint too so why should I choose GTA 5 APK?

GTA v Latest version

Low Gravity

This is a really interesting feature in GTA 5 mod ask because when you use the low gravity option then it gives us more fun than a normal gravity system. We can jump higher than normal height by using a low gravity system. This is really amazing feature in GTA 5 which we don’t have in other versions.

Unlock Everything

Yes, this is also a good feature of this game because it will unlock everything in your game so you can use all the things while playing this game otherwise if this option was not included then I think it should be added to this game because sometimes we are unable to find anything that how to reach there or what to do then only option come into our mind that how to reach that place or what needs to do then just need to unlock everything and get all stuff easily because no one wants difficulties in games.

Unlimited Ammo

This is also a very good feature of GTA 5 Mod APK because unlimited ammo clip makes it free from reloading problems and I like this feature because it makes the game easier. In this option no need to reload your gun again n again but still, there are some other games that support infinite ammo.

GTA 5 Mod APK Download

One-Hit Kill

This is also one of the amazing features of GTA 5 Mod because sometimes we don’t want to go into heavy situations or we want to kill a person very easily then just need to use the one-hit kill feature and you can kill any person in one hit so it’s a really good feature as well as helpful for me. It will help us when we trying to escape from those people who want cheats as well as hacks so One Hit Kill becomes really helpful at those times.

Common FAQs of GTA 5 Mod APK

GTA 5 Mod APK is one of the most popular games, people are still looking for methods to hack or cheat this game even though they have already reached the max level. So here we will discuss some frequently asked questions by gamers about GTA 5 Mod APK.

What does GTA 5 Mod Apk mean?

GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto, so basically it’s a modified version of the original game that allows you to use your own unique features and abilities. There are many types of mods available like cars, guns, etc. according to your preference. All mods are 100% free with no ads which means you can enjoy unlimited fun without any interruptions.

Do I need to root my device to use GTA 5 Modded apk?

Absolutely not! You can enjoy the game even if you don’t root your device, but sure that gives extra features compared to previous versions.

Is there any drawback of using GTA 5 Modded file?

Unfortunately, yes, it may decrease your official game performance so you will need to root your android phone to avoid all these issues.

How do I install GTA 5 Mod Apk on the iOS platform?

The good news for iOS users is that there are no obstacles in running this game on iDevices, just go ahead and download the. IPA file then simply open the. IPA file with iTunes application. Then follow installation instructions afterward.

I’m a newbie, how can I download GTA 5 Mod File?

There are two ways that you can choose to download this game. The first one is a legal way that allows you to purchase the app from the official Android App Market and another one is an illegal way that consists of downloading APK files from different websites. In case if you need assistance feel free to contact us using the comment box below. Thanks for reading!

Are there any requirements needed to install GTA 5 mod apk on iOS devices?

Yes, iOS users may encounter some issues while playing this game, even though these problems won’t affect your phone’s operation but it’s necessary that you should close all other applications before starting the game.

What if my device is rooted but I still can’t install GTA 5 Mod?

The bad news for you is that when your phone’s already been rooted, it messes up with the app automatically and in this case, you need to re-root your phone using a different process that won’t change anything in your device.


Yes, this is a short story about GTA 5 Mod APK. I personally use it and if I don’t use any cheats or hack then I will tell you how much it is amazingness but still, there are some other games that support all the above-mentioned options so why should choose GTA 5 mod APK? But yes, there are many more features included in this game like unlimited money, health, maximum inventory, etc. So please download this game because you can play with your friends as well as with strangers online too. Thanks for reading guys…!!!

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