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Although the complete series of grand theft auto is best, GTA 4 Mod APK is the best. This game was released in 2008, and the developer was Rockstar games. However, this game got massive success in the market like many other versions of the GTA series.

This game is best for its multiplayer gaming experience. There are lots of unique activities with fun-loving modes included in this one. Download GTA 4 Mod APK Full Version Free for Android and iOS is not officially available yet. However, you can download it free from our site quickly without any survey or verification requirements. 

We are providing this article for educational purposes only. If anyone wants to play online, they will get an idea about how to do it. We don’t promote piracy, so we provide direct download link which is safe and trusted.

The game is played with the help of third-party emulators, as you play GTA 4 APK, so don’t worry about its safety. However, you can download it free by clicking on the download link given at the last of this article.

GTA 4 Amazing Graphics

Information About GTA IV Mod APK

Updated 3 Days Ago
Version 1.0
Requirements Android 7.0 and Up
Category Action
Downloads 1,000,000+
Rating 4.4
Google Play Open


Features of GTA 4 Mod APK

1) 100+ New vehicles added in this version                

2) More Than 100 Action Missions              

3) Action-Packed Story Mode with Multiple Endings

4) Full Game Controller Support 

5) HD Display Optimization 

6) Improved Graphics and Animations 

7) Bug Fixing

GTA 4 Mod APK Latest Version

Grand Theft Auto IV MOD APK Features: 

Features of GTA 4 Mod APK are given below in complete detail step by step. We have given screenshots to make your work easier. Read all details below and enjoy unlimited money in GTA 4 Mod APK on an Android device.

– Enables easy mod access (no need for cache cleaner, root).

– Easily load/unload mods (no need to restart GTA for most mods).

– Adjustable settings menu. Set draw distance, resolution, reflections, etc., through this menu.

– HUD remover. Removes all on-screen, crosshair, minimap, etc., which makes your gameplay smooth and exciting. You can aim easily without any help from the minimap.

– Infinite Ammo and Money. You can skip this feature if you want to play as a regular character which is pretty good for low-end devices too.

– Teleport. Use it wisely to avoid any lag or collision problems while playing GTA 4 MOD APK on Android Devices.

This article is especially for fans of Grand Theft Auto who love to play Grand Theft Auto games on Android devices. We know that there is no correct version of GTA available for Android users because Rock Star Games, the developer of the GTA series, doesn’t support or give a license to any company to release an HD version for Android. 

Here we will guide you on installing the unofficial GTA HD game on your android device legally without going through any trouble at all. The best part about this guide is – that you won’t have to root your phone too. Yup! You heard it right.

Grand Theft Auto has been the favorite game for all Gamers, PC gamers, and Console gamers. It has got lots of new features which are not present in any other Grand theft auto versions.

One feature absent from this version is car driving. However, Rockstar Games has removed this drawback by updating GTA 4 Mod APK for Android users. If you want to use these MOD APK files on your Android device, then click here. Below are some screenshots for you to check out the new features of Grand Theft Auto 4 MOD APK on Android devices.

GTA IV came up with the most wanted feature that was not available in any other version. It is now available for all android devices. It is fully compatible with low-end as well as high-end Android phones. The features like Teleport, Infinite Ammo, and Money makes your gameplay easy and exciting.

You can download the apk file easily from our site and start playing on your phone without even rooting it. We don’t promote rooting or modifying your Android device to get games free on your Android device. If you want to install this MOD APK, click on the download button and follow the details below to complete the installation. 

So, to begin the installation process, follow all the instructions mentioned below in the exact steps. 

The minimum requirement is Android 2.3+, which means at least around 65% of Android devices support this version of GTA 4 Mod APK for Android devices (apk file). You need to read some essential points before downloading and installing GTA 4 Mod Apk on your android device.

– If you get any error while installing, then turn off the internet connection. Restart the game after turning on the internet connection. The app will work fine now.

– It is compatible only with high-end devices like Nexus 5/4 etc. Low-end devices may face problems while running this game.

– This version is not available via the play store, so you have to download and install it manually. If you have any problem with manual installation, install APK with BlueStacks or Nox app player and follow the instructions below.

GTA 4 Mod APK Amazing Game

GTA 4 Mod APK Installation Guide

1 – Download the Android emulator on your PC (Bluestacks is recommended)

2 – Download the Mod APK from the button given below and place it on your desktop

3 – Connect your device (Laptop/PC) to the internet

4 – Double click on the downloaded file, which will launch BlueStacks

5 – Install GTA 4 Mod APK. It may take about one minute the complete the installation. This game has a considerable size, so the download will take time depending upon the internet connection.          

(Note: – After installation, you can also verify its authenticity via Google Play Store) Now you are ready to play this fantastic multiplayer game.

 If you want to play online, then follow the steps mentioned below … 

1 – Go to the “My Apps” section of your Bluestacks emulator and open any installed apps

 2 – Now, you will see GTA 4 Mod APK on the list. Click on it to open 

3 – It will ask for root permission. Select the “Grant” button after reading all the safety tips 

4 – After completion, click on the Play button to start this game

FAQs About GTA 4 Mod APK

I’m new to GTA 4 Mods and want to know what they are and how to get them?

-GTA 4 mods, like the name suggests, modify your GTA IV game by adding new vehicles, weapons, or maps. They can be acquired from a variety of 3rd party websites as most of the mods out there are not hosted on Modmyifone.

-There is no difference between downloading a mod and buying a DLC off the PS Store. Mods do pretty much what DLCs do; add new stuff to your game.

-GTA 4 mods will only work on PC and Play Station 2 & 3 versions of GTA 4. It will not work on the Xbox 360 version, which means you need to own a PC or PS3 to be able to enjoy the game with mods.

I installed my first mod but I can’t seem to spawn cars? What’s wrong with my mod file?

-Most probably you have a corrupted file. Try downloading the mod again and try it out. If the problem persists, you should report it to us so we can fix it later on.

-Ensure you do not install mods in your GTA 4 root directory as they cannot be executed if added there. Add them to GTA 4 User Files > MODS Folder instead.

-It is highly suggested to use a save file as old as your mods. If you have modified files in your GTA 4 User Files, the saves with those modifications will not work properly with unmodified save files.

-Some mods do not support multi-player and they can only be activated in single player mode. Others require certain DLCs to work. Make sure your game is updated with the latest DLCs before trying out any mod.

-If you try activating a mod that has updated files, it will not work because the updated files are not in your game directory. You need to copy over all of them into GTA 4 User Files > MODS Folder with the help of SparkIV or OpenIV.

-If it’s still not working, open up your mods.img with SparkIV and remove the modified files from the modded version of GTA 4 User Files > MODS Folder. You can then try activating your mod again. This will overwrite the original files in their respective folders so make a backup first if you are not sure.

I can’t seem to use mods with my most recent game save, what’s wrong?

-Do you have GTA 4 Script Hook V installed? You need it for mods to work properly.

-Make sure your game is updated with the latest DLCs before trying out any mod. Mods are usually released after a DLC has been released.

-Mods will only work on a clean installation of GTA 4 with the latest updates, which means you need to start a new game or use a backup save file if you want mods in your current game.

-If your mod requires any other files from old DLCs, make sure you have those DLCs installed properly to your game.

-The mod you are trying to use could be broken or unsupported, so it is best to read all the descriptions about the mod before using it. If it says it only works with a certain version of GTA 4, make sure your game is updated properly before using it.


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