Grand Theft Auto Mod APK Unlimted Everything

None of the game lovers can deny the popularity and fan following of Grand Theft Auto Mod APK. It is one of those games that are most played worldwide. Although there are many other versions of this series that came before and after the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas this version of the series has a special fan following because of a lot of unique and catchy features.

About Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

As we all know that this one is the 8th part of the grand theft auto series and was launched back in 2004. Within no time after the launching, the game was in the position of top-selling game in PS2. From this, you can imagine that how this game got much popularity in a very short time.

Later on, Rockstar games launched the Xbox and PC version of the game, and also MAC, PC & tablet versions launched in coming years. These versions helped the game to gain more followers and it did so by getting fan following in millions.

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Grand Auto Mod APK Information

Updated 1 Day Ago
Version 2.00
Requirements Android 7.0 and Up
Category Action
Downloads 1,000,000+
Rating 3.4
Google Play Open


Gameplay of GTA San Andreas

Although this game has all the features that are inherited from the previous versions of the games it has more fun and enjoyment in this game. You will experience multiple elements like shooting, role-playing, racing, action, and many others.

Not only this but you can find unlimited new things in this version that will take months to explore these new things in the game. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a try right now. Because nothing is better than this game and its features.

Besides this, you have to complete unlimited hard and challenging missions of the game. It is an open-world game and you can do everything you want to do in this open world. You can kill others, steal cars, and do many other expensive things around us.

But be careful about street crimes or such disorders because if you do this, police will chase you and will catch you to end your game. So, go ahead and enjoy the unlimited fun of the game by simply downloading and installing the game on your smartphone or on a PC.

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Features of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Group Wars

When you are the owner of an area in your territory, other gangs don’t have to respect your right to the area – but if you step on an area owned by another gang while playing in your territory or kill more than three members of their gang while you’re playing in your own territory, the other gangs have no choice but to declare war. This means that there is a limit of three attacks per side.

 Also, be sure to defend yourself because it will not go “unpunished”! As soon as one side wins the territorial battles the opposing gang has lost control over that area. However, if that gang manages to take back control over the area, all winners would lose control over areas they’ve newly gained during offensive battles.

Fitness Features

In order to become stronger and faster during a battle, CJ will have the option to go the gym in order to work on his fitness for a few days straight. Training often will carry over into better performance when it comes time to take down an opponent in a war of strength and speed.

Maintain Stats

All the items in the game require you to gain certain rewards and objectives so as to be used effectively. You need to gain experience through driving different vehicles so that the game would tighten up the control for you, making it easier to ride. This applies to all kinds of vehicles including cars, bikes, bicycles, boats, trucks, and so on.

Challenging Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas missions are less daunting as compared to those from Grand Theft Auto. In the previous version, the producers often gave instructions after it is too late. In this new version, however, they give you instructions as you become lost in the story which gives you a much better idea of what to expect and what you need to do specifically. This allows gamers to not get frustrated by relying much more on their instincts and less on instructions, which helps gamers focus more on enjoying the storyline.


With the original versions of Grand Theft Auto, graphics were rather limited to what one could see. There wasn’t much care put into all the details to make players really feel a certain way because it was a lot harder to do back then. However, as technology has progressed and platforms have evolved, there is a great deal more detail, pretty much creating a lively world.

And this was greatly reflected upon with the design of GTA V’s character models and scenery which was far enhanced from its predecessor. In context, this made for a very realistic environment to conduct missions within – especially since you could tell that attention had been paid towards details such as clothing and facial expressions, for example.

Features of Grand Theft Auto Mod APK

As we know that Grand Theft Auto Mod APK is a modified version of Grand Theft Auto APK. It has the following modified features:

  • You will get unlimited weapons
  • You will get unlimited free assets
  • It’s an ads free Mod file
  • You can download it free

FAQs About Grand Theft Auto Mod APK

How I can download Grand Theft Auto Mod APK file?

You just need to click on the download button given and download the mod file & install it with the OBB file and enjoy the game for free.

Is it necessary to have Grand Theft Auto Mod OBB file?

Yes, you must have to download the OBB file with it otherwise you can’t install the game. So, go ahead download this file before downloading the mod file.


Finally, we have described each and everything about Grand Theft Auto Mod APK with complete pros and cons of the game. Now it is up to you whether you want to download the game or not because everything is in your hand right now. If you want to download the game, then you can download both Grand Theft Auto APK as well as Grand Theft Auto Mod APK with the click of a single button.

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