Download the latest version of the World’s #1 Trending Game GTA Vice City APK 2022 with the Latest Features.


Prominent Features

  • Amazing Graphics
  • Interesting Story
  • Multi-Language
  • Multiple Missions
  • Easy to Play
  • Everything Unlocked
  • Everything Limited

GTA Vice City APK 2022 Latest Version [Unlimited Everything]

If you also enjoy playing games on your smartphone, then you should know GTA Vice City APK because it is one of the top-rated and most played games in the world today. So, if you want to download this popular game, we are going to tell you the following method which will allow you to easily download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK and install it on your device.

If you need to install the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you need to download the APK file, download the OBB file and set it up automatically by downloading the OBB file using the download button below. If you don’t need to install this game, you can quickly set up GTA Vice City on your Android device by following the method below.

This is one of the most popular games in the modern era and almost all the games in this series like GTA 3 Mod APK, GTA 4 APK, etc., are being played by millions of people around the world. So people who use their Android devices can easily get it downloaded from here and also it is available for the platforms in the market including Windows, iOS, iPhone and Xbox, and Android.

The main objective of the game is to play as a story; The history of this game is very good and if you play this game you will like it very much. In this game, you will find a wide variety of weapons and tools that you can use for the attack while playing the game.

Rockstar Games has developed Grand Theft Auto: The Vice City Game, if you download this game from Google Play Store, you just need to buy it for a small amount of money and only then you can use it on your Android. This game has been installed on Google Play Store with more than 1,000,000+ so far and has become very popular.


Story Line of GTA Vice City Game

GTA Vice City is one of the ultimate sandbox games, so the fun and creativity are almost endless to give players a great experience. But that’s not all, the violent story revolves around Tommy, a mobster who gives players a different perspective on the underworld.

Tommy is a rules-based guy and the game will develop characters in different situations and time periods. This will convey different thoughts and feelings about Tommy to players, including his personal life and relationships. The game will perfectly combine plot with gameplay and give players very strong emotions in various situations like happiness, sadness, anger, satisfaction, hate, etc.

Game Play of GTA Vice City

The main gameplay of GTA: Vice City is a sandbox combined with an adventure that offers endless fun with the world and its game content. Therefore, the players in the world can do what they want without being intrusive. However, players must seriously complete the missions and tasks after the mission begins.

In addition, players can explore city riots, drive cars, accept challenges, and explore neighboring towns or cities. The game world is colorful and diverse and has a coastal town style from the 80s. Therefore, the gameplay of this game is very interesting and impressive, with rich content for players to explore along with its special mechanics.

GTA Vice City APK Gameplay

GTA Vice City APK Features

There are so many features in this game that you will not let go of. So if this is your first time downloading this game, let me tell you that it will be a lot of fun. Download Grand Theft Auto City APK without delay and play it on your Android phone or computer.


Graphics are the main part of any game which makes the game attractive to users. Developers are trying hard to add high-quality graphics so that users can enjoy this game. Players of this game will get an amazing experience while playing this game because of the graphics.


If we talk about any languages ​​supported by GTA Vice City, the game is now available in 8 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Japanese, probably in more languages ​​soon. But you are on both sides, you can play this game in English and enjoy the game.

Everything is unlimited

As we said, this is GTA Vice City MOD APK (a modified version of the original game). So changing it will add a lot of functionality that is not in the original APK. It is also a function of them that you can hack anything in this version and this will force you to play this game whole the day.

Interesting story mode

 The story of this game is awesome because the story in this game is very good for anyone who likes it. You will get full missions where you will also get rewards. A lot of fun in the game while completing the different hard and challenging missions.

Internal controls

The game includes new shooting controls that provide greater accuracy when shooting. Aim and shoot the target easily without any problem. A bunch of new things is added to the Internal controls of the game with the latest features.

Special controls

Customize the controls to suit your needs and design new layouts as you see fit to fit them into the game. This makes it easier for you to play and use the game because every gamer has their own taste in playing games.

Challenging Missions

Enjoy multiple missions to play endless gameplay. Since there are many mission numbers in the game, they can be completed after one.

External controls

It is also supported by external controls such as a USB gamepad and wireless game controller for more access to games.


Various new effects are integrated into the game, which ensures a pleasant visualization. The recording and sound effects are excellent.

Easy to play

 When we start playing the game, it is very difficult to play it at first. Learning to control is difficult in many games. But GTA Vice City is a game you can play without getting stuck from day one. Because the controls are kept simple, this game gets a good response from users.

GTA Vice City APK Download

If you are looking to download the GTA Vice City file to download and install it, then you can also get other files like GTA Vice City APK for Android and GTA Vice City APK for PC from our website. You can not only download APK + Obb files but also you can get a complete guide for installing these APK files on all devices i.e. Android, iOS & PC/Windows.

Latest Version of GTA Vice City APK OBB

OBB file is a must for playing GTA Vice City APK on your android phone because helps you to play the game in its original form. GTA Vice City OBB File contains all the data which is not included in APK files like graphics, media, and many other large-size files. So, you need to download and install GTA Vice City APK Obb file along with the APK file. Otherwise, you can’t enjoy the game.

Steps for GTA Vice City APK and OBB Download

If you are looking to download the GTA Vice City OBB file, then click on the below-given download button and you will be redirected to the download page of the OBB file.

What’s New

Following are new things are added in the latest version of GTA Vice City APK:

  • Small bugs are fixed
  • Some new features are added
  • Graphics & sounds are improved

FAQs About GTA Vice City APK

Is this GTA Vice City APK iOS work fine?

Yes, it works well on iOS as well as on MAC. So, if you are an iOS user, go ahead and install GTA Vice City APK right now.

Is this GTA Vice City APK Latest version?

Yes, it is the latest version with all the updated features. So, play it today and enjoy the new features of today.


We have explained in this post a very easy way to Download GTA Vice City APK and also explained how to install this game on Android devices. So we have given you all the information about this game. If you need information about this game, keep visiting us for the latest updates about GTA Vice City Game. Also, if you have any problem installing this GTA Vice City game, you can let us know in the comments. We hope you enjoyed this post and we are hoping that you will share it with your friends on social media.

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